Dear June: Advice on How to Conquer Writer’s Block

June, stop.

Don’t try to name the color of your thoughts.

Don’t call them grey or blue or orange-hued.

Don’t you know? 

Your Words are tied up in pending litigation at the courthouse,

While your Creative Juices were jailed downtown (no word on why but we suspect they started a fight)

And Stress is pounding at your door, prepared to drink all your milk, eat all your cookies, and otherwise occupy your time.

And once you’ve let him in, his cousin Overwhelmed will soon show.

Between Stress and Overwhelmed, you will run around baking cookies and pouring milk, trying to be so busy that you can’t hear a word they say.

You will fail of course. And their words will be all you can think of, all you can write. Obviously, you need some back up.

My advice?

Abandon your milk and cookie post and run downtown. Tell your Words to drop the case against your ex-boyfriend. He’s not worth it.

Then haul your Words to the police station and pay the bail to bring your Creative Juices home.

So with Words and Creative Juices at your side, go back home and have them holler at Stress and Overwhelmed for eating all your cookies

and wasting your time. 

They won’t leave right way, but that should shut them up long enough for you to sit down and write all about that Orange Page you discovered, 

the new one, 

colored with fun,

colored with change.


Your Brain, Ready for Some Peace and Quiet and Trying to Help


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