15 Signs Your Break-Up Was a Good Idea

1. You feel an immediate sense of relief.

2. You look back on the relationship and realize there were signs of emotional abuse.

3. You decide to go shopping and enjoy the fact that nobody is complaining about said shopping.

4. You get into your car, roll the windows down, and blast your favorite radio station–the one your ex partner always switched off.

5. Friends and family agree with your decision and even wish you had made it sooner.

6. You don’t have to watch your new favorite TV show in secret for fear of your ex partner’s criticism.

7. You find renewed focus on the job, no longer distracted by constant relational anxiety.

8. It becomes evident that you gave up quite a few things due to perceived pressure from your ex partner, such as time you could have spent going out with your friends. 

9. You realize that it was neither healthy nor normal for your ex partner to show no sexual interest in you over a period of months.

10. You finally see that you generated the emotional support and affection with little to no return from your ex partner. 

11. Now that it’s gone, you really don’t miss your ex partner’s constant nitpicking.

12. Your ex partner’s good looks no longer attract you. Pretty people shouldn’t get away with ugly behavior.

13. All of your confusing and unexplained emotional outbursts over the past few months suddenly come into focus. Clearly, you were under duress.

14. You conclude that your ex partner’s consistently disfunctional and controlling behavior stemmed from insecurity.

15. You forgive your ex partner, thereby completely escaping their figurative clutches. (The best way to give your ex partner continual control over you is to remain bitter. If you forgive, you can find complete freedom and wholeness.)

If you think you might have suffered or are suffering from emotional abuse, I recommend reading this article: 30 Signs of Emotional Abuse.

I found it helpful.

–June Skye–


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