from Walmart aisles to watermelon

It’s the simple things

Like finding the perfect black ballpoint pen in the Walmart aisle 

Or carrying to the cash register the right-sized leather journal with a narrow green ribbon

Having a philosophical conversation at the club over a couple of beers and a Long Island

Folding an entire load of warm, clean  clothes right out of the dryer

Laughing with friends and family over barbecued hot dogs and burgers, with fresh watermelon on the side

Taking a hot shower on a cold day, so hot the goose pimples emerge for a glorious 30 seconds

Finding relief in a clean, white toilet that flushes 

Driving a car that speeds up, slows down, and stops when it should

Working at a job that keeps the mind and hands occupied all week long

Creating something, anything, perhaps a free verse poem that winds through its varied thoughts to come to the conclusion:

These are the simple things that make a privileged life.

–June Skye–


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