welcome to little blue scribbles

I’m very excited to begin. You know, I’ve tried starting a blog at least four times, but this is the first blog name to provide the right background for my content.

Here’s why.

My freshman year at a liberal arts university, I attended an orientation class in which the teacher advised us all to write our worldview in pencil. That way we could erase and modify the way we perceive the world as we encounter it.

Great idea, but I prefer to write in pen. I’m an avid journal-er. There is a whole shelf of books in my room that is devoted exclusively to journals I have completed–all shapes and sizes–starting from the 7th grade to the present.

I would estimate that at least 95% of those journals were written in pen, which means that there are quite a few scribbles and re-writes over the years. Normally, I prefer blue or black pen.

But who wants to read a blog called “Little Black Scribbles”? Sounds too black and white to me. And I like to think that I’m not at all a black and white person. There’s too much color in the world to savor. Hence, “Little Blue Scribbles.”

More on colors later.

So these posts are my re-writes, cross-outs, and corrections over time. I tend to be a very deep person, and I value my thoughts above all other aspects of my being. And for the first time in my life, I am granting public access. 

I guess if I were to choose a goal for this blog, it would be to make other people think and provide a different perspective. My hope is that through each thoughtful journey, you can see a person who is trying to achieve balance in her life. And if you do choose to respond, I ask that you spend some time thinking through your response. There are too many knee-jerk reactions on the internet, opinions flung here and there without steady analysis. So please be thoughtful and mindful of others.

That said, please enjoy the journey of this new, blue journal. Let’s turn the page together.

–June Skye–


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